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Our mission is to be therapeutic partners with youth and families on their journey to nurturing, safe, and supportive relationships.

"Cultivating the roots of our future"

About Our Program

Paradise Oaks Youth Services is a non-profit corporation licensed by the State Department of Social Services that began providing services in the Sacramento area in 1990. It began providing residential services for at-risk boys beginning with one 6-bed home. Today, Paradise Oaks has eleven 6-bed homes serving both males and female at-risk youth ages 11-18 years old. A Foster Family Agency was added in 1994 to provide foster homes in the greater Sacramento area to provide caring and compassionate homes for babies, children, and youth experiencing abuse and neglect. Paradise Oaks Youth Services is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is a member of the California Alliance of Child & Family Services (CACFS) and partner of United Way. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive clinical services available, promoting stabilization and the eventual transition of the child back to the family or least restrictive environment available. Paradise Oaks Youth Services admits children of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national or ethnic background.

Residential Program

Paradise Oaks Youth Services currently has eleven 6-bed facilities, which are all located in residential areas. The facilities are intended to offer a home-like atmosphere, providing a highly structured and supervised environment. Our staff-to-youth ratio is a minimum of 1:3 during the day and evening hours, while an awake, overnight staff supervises the youth and the facility throughout the night hours. The youth are guided by a behavioral modification system that rewards positive behaviors and provides daily feedback on meeting the general program expectations as well as their individual goals.

As part of the residential program, the agency provides specialized services working with adolescent males to address issues related to sexual victimization, sexual perpetration, and community safety associated with sexually aggressive or sexually acting out behaviors. Treatment is designed to address and guide the youth in breaking through his levels of denial towards a deeper understanding of the underlying issues embedded in his sexual assault cycle, as well as, issues that arise that are related to socialization, peer interactions and family dynamics and victimization.

For older youth, Paradise Oaks Youth Services also provides a program that focuses on the teaching and practicing of independent living skills. These activities include skills such as maintaining a job, preparing for college, shopping and planning for meals, using public transportation, and learning how to manage time and money.

Clinical Services

Clinical services are provided by our treatment teams consisting of on-site Social Workers/Therapists, Case Managers, Administrators/Facility Managers, and Residential Counselors.

Clinical Services include:

Foster Family Agency

The agency is designed to accept boys and girls between the ages of 0-18. Boys and girls are thoroughly screened to determine appropriateness for placement in a Certified Foster Family home through a review of educational, medical, social, psychological, and psychiatric records. The major emphasis is on treatment within the Foster Family Home. All children will be provided with an Individualized Treatment Plan (I.T.P.), formulating a therapeutic plan of intervention to help the child modify his or her behaviors.

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