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2nd QUARTER 2015


The greatest highlight of the quarter was having no deficiencies or citations when CCL conducted an annual inspection of Antelope House.  The social worker, Sarahjane Lincoln, and the house manager, Amanda Timmins, have done a fantastic job of maintaining a high level of compliance with state regulations.  One resident emancipated from our program.  In our treatment outcomes, five categories decreased and three categories increased.  The five categories with decreases were assaults (client to client) (25%), assaults (client to staff) (93%), self injury incidents (92%), property damage incidents (56%), and floor restraints under fifteen minutes (81%).  This quarter began with nine vacancies and ended with five vacancies in our program.  Our homes maintain a high standard of cleanliness and compliance with state regulations due to our on-going monthly inspections of each home.

Clinical/Program Issues
Our Quality Assurance Manager, Jennifer Thompson, has submitted the following report about our mental health contract with Sacramento County:

Paradise Oaks had no changes in clinical staff this quarter.
 In the 4th quarter of FY14-15, 10 beds were filled by Sacramento County Medi-Cal eligibility clients. They included 4 at Antelope, 4 at Madison, and 2 at Mariposa. Our clinical staff has remained consistent this quarter.  The workloads and responsibilities have been steady and we are hopeful that our clientele will increase soon. The social workers & doctor have continued to provide excellence in services including medication support, assessment, individual and collateral services. The majority of our boys see Dr. Horst the agencies’ contracted Psychiatrist on a regular monthly basis or as often as needed.

New Admits: 
We had 3 total new admits this past quarter: 1 at Madison on 4/10/15 and 2 at Antelope on 5/25/15 & 6/29/15. All clients were admitted to Meds Uplands. .

There were 2 discharges this quarter: 1 from Madison and 1 from Uplands Meds who had previously discharged from the home site.

Core Assessments: 
5 Core Assessments have been entered in to CWS.

Internal Chart Review:
2 charts have been reviewed internally and 2 reports were delivered to Sacramento County Quality Management.

Electronic Records and Avatar Monthly Meetings: 
Paradise Oaks is an active participant in all Avatar drop in sessions and meetings. Our Quality Assurance Director has attended each MH Practice Management and Clinical Workstation Forum offered. 
As we move forward, our caring, temperate and determined staff and trusted surroundings will go on to be a safe dwelling place for more Sacramento County youth.

Our school principal, David Cowles, has submitted the following report:

With the 2014-15 school year ending in early June, our agency has found alternative options to the “neighborhood” school  a measure of success for a small number of students.  La Entrada, Advanced Paths, Independent Studies, and Options for Youth provided the instructional flexibility/ individual targeted instruction, many foster youth require. Concerning though, is the apparent continuing lack of success for the majority of students attending San Juan District’s comprehensive high schools.  Alex Cosgrove, administrative assistant and myself have worked extensively with the district on truancies, suspensions, failing grades and expulsion recommendations this school year.  As I have discussed in previous board reports, this troubling trend continues.  Once final grades/credits are posted we will, again, address this area of need with San Juan School District administration.

Presently, 22 residents are attending extended year/summer school programs.  The opportunity affords credit deficient students to makeup substantial credits during the summer months. 

Participating schools/programs include: 

  • Capital Academy (NPS)
  • Del Campo High School (Special Education Center)
  • Elinor Hickey (Sac County Office of Education)
  • El Sereno Independent Studies
  • Encina High School
  • La Vista Center (Special Education Center)

I recently had the honor of attending a high school graduation for a resident attending La Entrada / Advanced Paths.  A 2nd student graduated in early June from Casa Roble Fundamental High School.  Both are seeking employment, living independently and planning to attend community college in the fall. For future planning, school resumes Tuesday August 11th, 2015.

We placed 4 residents into our program in the month of April, 2 resident was placed in May, and 4 residents were placed in June.  As of June 29, our capacity is 83%.  Currently, we have twenty-five residents placed in our residential program.

This quarter began with nine vacancies and ended with five vacancies in our program.  Our capacity remains at 30 residents.  We placed ten residents into our program and discharged six residents.  Of the ten placements, ten were from county CPS and one was from county probation. There were five negative discharges and one positive discharge.The negative discharges were transferred to a psychiatric hospital (1), juvenile hall (1), and absconded from placement (3). There was one positive discharge.  One resident emancipated from our program after he graduated from high school.


Month Discharges Intakes


Positive Discharges:
Emancipated (1)

Negative Discharges:
Psych Hospital (1)
AWOLs (3)
Juvenile Hall (1)

As of June 29, 2015, our placement statistics are as follows:

Legal Status
300 (CPS, DHHS) 
602 (Probation)
Aid to Adopt 


Placing Counties
San Joaquin
El Dorado
Santa Clara


Staff Training and Support
During the quarter, four home inspections were completed for each home. At the weekly house meeting and during individual supervision with the house managers, we reviewed the home inspections and developed a plan to address any deficiencies.  Each month, the files are audited in order to maintain compliance with CCL regulations.  A report is written including any deficiencies and then given to the person responsible for the required documentation.

Time to Say Goodbye
As many are aware, I will be resigning from my position as Director of Children's Services after more than 22 years of working at Paradise Oaks Youth Services.  My last day will be June 30th.  I have accepted a position with a faith based organization, Youth For Christ (YFC).  YFC provides services for junior high and high school youth in Sacramento, Placer, and Nevada counties.  YFC has after school and tutoring programs in south Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and West Sacramento.  YFC has Campus Life Clubs at multiple schools in Roseville, Granite Bay, West Sacramento, Grass Valley, and Rancho Cordova.  My new position will be as Ministry Director, so I will supervise and manage the programs that we have in greater Sacramento. 

I am excited about this new opportunity, but I am sad to be leaving a wonderful organization, Paradise Oaks Youth Services, that gave me the opportunity to provide services to foster youth for several years.  I especially appreciate the years of support that I received from both Frank and Mary Schellhous.  We have faced many challenges over the years and this agency has been committed to providing quality care to foster youth.  This is due to Frank Schellhous’ dedication and commitment to the well-being of foster children.  His example motivated me to do my best in service to the youth in our programs.  I will always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to serve in this agency.

As of June 16th, we hired a new Director of Children's Services, Matt Bettencourt.  Matt Bettencourt has a wealth of experience as an administrator and manager of programs in the greater Sacramento area.  For the past couple of weeks, Matt Bettencourt has been training with me to learn about the duties of his new position.  He will officially assume the responsibilities of Director of Children's Services on July 1st. 

Chris Pettee, M.S.
Director of Children’s Services


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