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Paradise Oaks Foster Family Agency provides treatment foster care. The agency is designed to accept boys and girls between the ages of 0-17. Boys and girls are thoroughly screened to determine appropriateness for placement in a Certified Foster Family Home through a review of educational, social, psychological, and psychiatric records. Those identified as appropriate for Foster Family placement need a caring and loving home in which the foster children can grow and develop.

The major emphasis is on a treatment setting within the Foster Family home designed to meet the educational, medical, and psychological needs of each child. All children will be provided with an Individualized Treatment Plan (I.T.P.), formulating a therapeutic plan of intervention to help the child modify his or her behavior. This will be accomplished through the assistance of an assigned Agency Social Worker.

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Staff members include college graduates and professional personnel. The staff have credentials ranging from Bachelor's to Master's degrees. The program psychiatrist provides regular review of client cases. Social Workers staffed in our program are primarily Master's Level and/or licensed therapists. Their functions are vast in scope, but include assisting in the development of the I.T.P. The Paradise Oaks Social Worker meets with each Foster Family and the foster child WEEKLY for individual and family therapy. During this time, personal, family and other treatment issues will be addressed. Primary emphasis will be placed on the child's progress regarding the focus areas on the I.T.P.


Prior to certification, all potential foster parents will participate in a 16 hour training program designed to develop appropriate skills to become foster parents. On-going monthly training is also provided and required of all certified foster parents. These training sessions cover a variety of topics related to foster parenting, such as: child development, parenting skills, developmental delay, record keeping, licensing and placement regulations.


Paradise Oaks provides services to its foster parents to encourage and support them in the challenging task of parenting a foster child. Foster Parents are given monthly financial support based on the age of the child. In addition, gift certificates are given in order to provide clothing for the foster child. Every month, Paradise Oaks offers 8 hours of respite care for themselves. Monthly Foster Parent support groups are currently being formed so Foster Parents can meet, discuss, and share their own experiences as they relate to being a foster parent.

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